PE2550 & Intel 1000 F & VLANS & CISCO 3548G

David Hubbard - Hostasaurus.Com dhubbard at
Sat Jan 11 12:24:00 CST 2003

From: John Pang [mailto:whoami1234_1234 at] 
> I see, does this mean that the Intel Linux iANS driver
> supports only dot1q VLAN trunking mode?

I don't know, I hate proprietary protocols so I
never tried ISL.

> Assuming that I have just a standalone 3548, do I
> still need to define the actual VLANS via the 3548's
> "vlan database" command before I can start to use the
> trunking?

Yes, you must have defined VLAN numbers before you
can join the linux box to these VLAN's.

> I am slightly confused over the trunking/ISL/dot1q
> stuff as when trying to define VLANS via the "vlan
> database" command, it asks for "ISL" index instead of
> "dot1q" index?

Yeah, just ignore that and create the vlan with the
number of your choice.

> test#vlan database 
> test(vlan)#vlan ?   
>   <1-1005>  ISL VLAN index
> BTW, do you have any idea if I could use both dot1q
> trunking as well as ISL trunking on different switch
> ports at the same time?

Yes, you can set a port to either via:
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q


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