PowerEdge::RAC - Remotely manage your PowerEdges with Perl

Harold van Oostrom pedge at lanceerplaats.nl
Fri Jan 10 12:25:00 CST 2003

Sorry for the long post, I hadn't the time to say it with less words.

This is to announce the availability of a Perl module PowerEdge::RAC
Excerpt from the README

`PowerEdge servers can be remotely managed with the aid of special hardware
 known as RAC cards (Remote Access Controller, DRAC II and III, ERA, ERA/O).
 The RAC can be accessed through utilities that run atop the OS, but
 also directly, through its own NIC. Giving you the ability to (re)start a 
 server even from a hung or powered-down state.  For this last vital function 
 Dell provides only a slowish and somewhat flaky interface tying you down 
 to running Java applets in an unfree browser on an unfree OS. This module 
 tries to remedy that. '

Let me stress that I'm not in any way associated with Dell.
I just bought some PE1650's with ERA/O (O for on-board) that don't 
work as advertised. Since Dell has not produced any solution in 
four months I decided to try to remedy it myself.

Dell (both support and from this list) initially flat out denied a 
problem even existed, but in september our technical contact forwarded 
a message stating that Dell was aware of the problem and that a fixed 
was planned for the Nov. release (2002).

After more questions on this list Dell also publicly announced that it
would be fixed (thanks Matt !).

The wording `It is being fixed in the next OMSA release ..' brings me to 
an important point: From messages on this list it is apparent that quite a few
people seem to confuse the Server Administrator with the RAC. (see Note 1)

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