Crashes with 2.4.18-19 still

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Fri Jan 10 07:26:01 CST 2003

If the box is crashing even with the bcm module then it's probably not the NIC.  Is the status LED on the box showing the all the hardware is OK?  We had a 6600 that we to replace all the CPU's, the VRM's, and the system board because the box would just die, but there were kernel panic messages on the console when this happened.

I would probably get Dell on the phone for this one.

My 2¢

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Hi all

Today one of our 2650 servers has stopped responding to connections
properly. On eth0/eth1, any services (ssh/http/ftp - run from xinetd or
standalone) stop responding after making the initial connection before
authentication. eth0 can not be pinged but eth1 can. This is from a variety
of machines in the same datacentre and outside.

I am running RedHat 8.0 with kernel 2.4.18-19.8.0smp and the bcm5700
ethernet modules instead of tg3.

I haven't had it rebooted at the datacentre yet so can't check the logs.
However this is the first time it has crashed since moving from tg3 to
bcm5700 on the 1st. What can I do to debug this? They are colocated so I
really need these machines stable .. I have two machines, next to each
other, with the same spec and software so could link up a serial cable
between each so I can get oops data etc? Or should I be getting Dell to help
me sort this out ?


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