troubleshooting PERC card

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I have a few suggestions:

* Try swapping the cache RAM with something you know works (i.e. from your
other PERC3/QC).

* Make sure the card is seated in the PCI slot correctly.

* Check the SCSI cables are in good condition (or swap with known good).

* Try updating the PERC's firmware to the latest release.

Hope this helps.


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> Subject: troubleshooting PERC card
> We have a hosting customer that just got a used
> PERC3/QC for a PowerEdge 1400SC--identical setup to one
> described earlier here:
> <
> The PERC3/QC is not "supported" on the PE1400 series, but
> I know it works since we have another one running.
> Anyway, so I did the backup and then installed the PERC3/QC and
> configured the drives. I opted to do a full consistency check since
> these are also new drives and I didn't want suprises. I booted from
> a RedHat SysAdmin Survival CD, partitioned and formated and restored
> the tape. No problems so far.
> Then I did a chroot and it got weird. My intention was to run mkinitrd
> and reboot, but what I got was this:
> /sbin/mkinitrd: sort: command not found
> /sbin/mkinitrd: sort: command not found
> Huh? /bin/sort was there, but file reported "data" (not ELF). Then
> I did "rpm -q textutils" and got "Segmentation fault". A reboot did
> not help. So, now I've put everything back (old HD, no PERC card)
> and am wondering what to do. I don't have a spare system with
> 64-bit PCI to run diagnostics, so posting here was the next best thing
> I could think of.
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