PowerEdge 2600 and Advanced Server

Rick Root rick.root at duke.edu
Thu Jan 9 14:13:01 CST 2003

So, I've just gotten my new Dell PowerEdge 2600 server in, on which we 
intend to run Oracle 9iR2 and RedHat Advanced Server 2.1... currently 
we're running on an old Proliant 3000 so this will be a nice upgrade.

Turns out Dell won't provide me any support for RHAS because the
machine is only certified for RH7.3 and 8.0.  $#@$ THAT!  If they
really want to support Linux in the Enterprise, they need to support
Enterprise versions of Linux.

Anyway, the megaraid driver that I downloaded from Dell's web site 
doesn't seem to do the trick... it loads the driver, but when I go 
through the installation process, it tells me there are no drives attached.

I configured my RAID card so when I boot it says I have two logical 
drives (2 physicals in RAID-1 and 3 physicals in RAID-5).  But RHAS
doesn't see it.

Anyone have any suggestions?

  - Rick Root
    Duke University

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