RedHat 8.0 on a PE 2550 (hang problem)

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Thu Jan 9 10:50:01 CST 2003

Are you running the stock 8.0 kernel?  If so, you are probably having
issues with the NIC and the tg3 kernel module.  Update to the
2.4.18-19.8.0 errata kernel and you should be golden.

Hope this helps,

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I've got a pretty vanilla install of RedHat 8.0 on a 2550.

With the machine doing nothing (on the network, sitting at a login
prompt), it will hang 
randomly within a couple days to a week (max). 

By "hang", I mean:  

- Nothing on the screen
- Power light on, disk light flashes occasionally
- Nothing in the Linux logs (messages, syslog) (obviously, after the
- Nothing in the Dell hardware logs (except for power-up events)
- No reaction to keyboard
- Cannot ping/telnet from network

If I power off/on, machine boots normally.

My first round with Dell Support had diag failures that resulted a bunch
of the machine
being replaced.

The hang still came back. 

Second round with Dell Support replaced most of the hardware: both
CPU's, the CPU VRM's,
motherboard, memory, memory VRM, RAID key, RAID memory, power supplies,
power supply 
harness (in short, everything except the disk drives, SCSI backplane,
and the sheet metal).

The hang still came back.

Machine has passed extended diags successfully. 

I've searched for 8.0 and hang, but no hits.

Right now, I'm running extended diags for several passes, hoping to
catch something
transient.  The machine boots Linux fine... everything appears to be
running perfectly
until the hang (i.e., this is not an install problem). I have a similar
running on a 1650 with no problems at all (uptime of 2+ months).

Does this ring any bells with any of you folks?? Anything special about
RH8.0 and 
a 2550??  

My BIOS and ESM have been updated to the latest. My RAID controller is
one back 
from the latest (but Dell support said it was OK).

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