Linux kernel 2.4.16 problems

jason andrade jason at
Wed Jan 8 16:36:00 CST 2003

On Wed, 8 Jan 2003, Trent Townsend wrote:

> I am working for Dr. Anthony Skjellum at MPI Software Technology.  In an
> attempt to get GAMMA working on a DELL Poweredge 1650 installed with Red
> Hat
> 7.3, I had to customize the 2.4.16 linux kernel (which is supported by
> GAMMA).  Also, GAMMA also notes that the eepro100 drivers are supported.
> My kernel has compiled and loaded and runs fine with one huge exception.
> Upon initialization of eth0, ifup returns "eepro100 device does not seem
> to be present delaying eth0 initialization".  running modprobe tells me
> the same thing - that the device is not found.  The boxes are equipped
> with e1000 cards I believe.  Is there any way to remedy this and get this
> driver to work.  I know that the e100 module could be used as it is in a
> different 1650 here in the office.  Any ideas?

download the latest e1000 driver and use that from
or from:

it is interesting that you are using a downrev kernel - redhat 7.3 ships
with 2.4.18-X with the latest errata being 2.4.18-19.7.x



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