ifdown of a single NIC in a bond

Seth Mos knuffie at xs4all.nl
Wed Jan 8 03:35:01 CST 2003

At 14:45 7-1-2003 -0600, Amit_Bhutani at dell.com wrote:
> > 1) how do i force eth3 to 100 Full? Will this work in my
> > modules.conf?:
> >
> > alias eth2 e1000
> > options e1000 Speed=100 Duplex=2
> > alias eth3 e1000
> > options e1000 Speed=100 Duplex=2
>Try using 'ethtool' to do this.

Note that the e1000 drivers seem to have some duplex reporting problems. 
They often report half duplex while the switch says it full duplex. And you 
can't stash 8MB/s through a wire with a duplex mismatch.

The dos ndis driver shows this as well. I use a ghost floppy for cloning 
desktop and server systems which made me notice this.

The newer Gx260 systems have an onboard e1000 which according to the dos 
ndis driver are configured at half duplex but the switch on my desk has the 
full duplex led lit.

Note that the current e1000 dos ndis driver hangs the PC when it can't find 
a nic in the PC. very bothersome.


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