ifdown of a single NIC in a bond

Amit_Bhutani@Dell.com Amit_Bhutani at Dell.com
Tue Jan 7 15:32:00 CST 2003

> 1) how do i force eth3 to 100 Full? Will this work in my 
> modules.conf?:
> alias eth2 e1000
> options e1000 Speed=100 Duplex=2
> alias eth3 e1000
> options e1000 Speed=100 Duplex=2

Try using 'ethtool' to do this. 

> 2) can i bring down eth3, and will bond0 still work, using 
> eth2 as its 
> only NIC? i ask, cause this is our fileserver, and i dont 
> want to bring 
> down bond0 unless i have to.
Theoretically it should work.

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