Perc4/Di Driver Disk for SuSe Enterprise Server 8.0

Paul paul at
Mon Jan 6 23:43:00 CST 2003

Hi All,

I have done some more work with the megaraid driver disk for SLES 8.0 and
ran into some problems.
I have rebuilt a driver disk based off 2.4.19 on a clean SLES8.0 IDE box and
included megaraid-1.18f.
This seemed to work fine. Packaged it all up in the appropriate paths and
made the driver disk.
SLES 8.0 still doesnt seem to find the controller/drives after loading the
additional modules from the driver disk.

I tried going into rescue mode and booted to a kernel prompt. I then mounted
the floppy and did an insmod on the megaraid.o
This worked correctly and it located both of the channels on the controller.
I did not however list any containers or drives on the controllers.
I'm not sure if this is due to it being a rescue disk and it has already
done the scsi channel probing despite no controllers being found or I'm
doing something wrong. I've tried to locate some form of scsi probing apps
on the rescue disk but none were found.

Does anyone have any more tips or advice? I've got a sucessful 1.18f built
module just dont have the matching driver disk.
I can send the megaraid.o binary if someone could even package it for me or
suggest another way to do it

My disk looks like...


I've also made the following mirrored trees in case the arch is different,
but when in rescue mode its listed as i686 via uname




So all in all we have those above and the other usual pre-scripts and stuff,
which I have done anything with.
Still doesn't seem to work correctly. Do I need to update any other files or
images on the driver disk?
I haven't modified the initrd scripts or update.pre scripts as I'm not sure
what to modify, let alone why...

Thanks for all your help and time.


Paul Rivoli
paul at
K B S   I N T E R N E T

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> Paul wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I am after a driver disk for SuSe Enterprise Server 8.0 to support our
> > Perc4/Di on our new PE2600.
> > I would normally be confident in doing this myself as I have done
> > with slackware but I am new to SuSe 8.0.
> > Any pointers/advice/disk images/help would be greatly appreciated.
> You basically need to follow these instructions to create a new boot disk
> I have tried, but the kernel source code that SuSE ships never seems to
> compile for me, or if it does its for a single processor kernel, or the
> kernel ID is different from the one that gets installed, so the module
> doesn't match, etc. etc.
> Perhaps we could email SuSE and get them to create a new set of boot
> disks for SuSE 7.2/7.3/8.0.
> I don't mind hosting them on my servers, and making some instructions on
> how to use them.
> If anyone is interested, or anyone knows friendly engineers at SuSE who
> might help out with this, email me back and I can start to arrange this.
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