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Mon Jan 6 17:23:01 CST 2003

> > Dell releases a statement (weeks later) that it is "trivial" to get the
> > OMSA packages to work on Debian, and that Dell Tech Whatever is going
> > to release a HOWTO.
> > 
> > Weeks later: still no howto.
> > 
> In said statement made on this list it was also said that it was pretty 
> easy, just run the RPM though alien and fix the 'obvious errors'.  The 
> question there is what is the definition of 'obvious' and are those errors 
> trivial for a sysadmin (not a kernel developer)?

Thanks for the reminder.  I've been given the instructions, and some 
sample scripts to help convert them to .debs.  These are completely 
unsupported by Dell in any official capacity, but they may work for you.

Below is the instructions, the above directory has the instructions
and the sample scripts.  If someone wants to make changes or
improvements, feel free to send those to me too.


Matt Domsch
Sr. Software Engineer, Lead Engineer, Architect
Dell Linux Solutions
Linux on Dell mailing lists @

* Warning:
* These instructions and sample scripts are provided as-is, no
* warranty, in hopes that they will be useful to you.  Dell has not
* tested these for reliability, and Dell Tech Support cannot answer
* questions regarding them.  That said, we hope they work for you.

There are several differences between Red Hat Linux and
Debian that required modifying the Dell OpenManage agents
package to work with Debian. The major issue is that Red Hat
uses the .rpm package format, and Debian has their own
format (.deb).  I found a Debian utility, alien, that allows
conversion between different package formats.  Another issue
is that the some of the directory structure and config files
on Debian are different than Red Hat.  This involved changing
several scripts to reflect the correct directories and
utilities.  I also had to convert the .rpm's for the UCD-
SNMP package to .deb format, as I was unable to get the ucd-
snmp package for Debian to work properly with the Dell

I have developed some scripts that will (mostly) autoconvert
the .rpms and scripts to work with Debian.
The scripts still may need some hand massaging to get
working properly after the conversion.

Basic steps were:

1) Copy the .rpms from the OpenManage CD to a directory.
You will need the following .rpms:

     ucd-snmp-4.1.2-8smux.i386.rpm (may need an old OpenManage CD for this)

2) use the alien utility to convert .rpm's to .deb (use -c
to convert scripts)

     alien -c dellomsa-xxx.rpm
     alien -c dellomsa-drivers-xxx.rpm
     alien -c ucd-snmp-4.1.2-8smux.i386.rpm

3) Extract packages+control files
     dpkg -x ucd-snmp_xxx.deb           build/ucdsnmp
     dpkg -x dellomsa_xxx.deb           build/omsa
     dpkg -x dellomsa-drivers_xxx.deb   build/drivers
     dpkg -e ucd-snmp_xxx.deb      build/ucdsnmp/DEBIAN
     dpkg -e dellomsa_xxx.deb      build/omsa/DEBIAN
     dpkg -e dellomsa-drivers_xxx.deb   build/drivers/DEBIAN

4) Run script fixes:
     getchkcfg build/ucdsnmp/etc/rc.d/init.d/snmpd
     fixscript build/ucdsnmp/DEBIAN/conffiles
     fixscript build/ucdsnmp/DEBIAN/postinst
     fixscript build/ucdsnmp/DEBIAN/prerm
     fixscript build/ucdsnmp/DEBIAN/postrm

     getchkcfg build/omsa/usr/lib/dell/openmanage/omsa/bin/dellomsa
     fixscript build/omsa/DEBIAN/preinst
     fixscript build/omsa/DEBIAN/postinst
     fixscript build/omsa/DEBIAN/prerm
     fixscript build/omsa/DEBIAN/postrm

     getchkcfg build/drivers/usr/lib/dell/openmanage/omsa/bin/dellomsaesm
     fixscript build/drivers/DEBIAN/preinst
     fixscript build/drivers/DEBIAN/postinst
     fixscript build/drivers/DEBIAN/prerm
     fixscript build/drivers/DEBIAN/postrm

5) May need to edit some files by hand:

6) rebuild md5sums file
     makesum ./build/omsa
     makesum ./build/drivers
     makesum ./build/ucdsnmp

7) Rebuild .deb files
     dpkg --build build/ucdsnmp ucd-snmp_xxxx.deb
     dpkg --build build/omsa dellomsa_xxx.deb
     dpkg --build build/drivers dellomsa-drivers_xxx.deb

RedHat                        Debian equivalent

Script changes:
daemon <prog> [<args>]             start-stop-daemon --start
--exec <prog> [-- <args>]
killproc <prog>                    start-stop-daemon --stop
--exec <prog>
success                       echo -ne "\t[OK]\n"
failure                       echo -ne "\t[FAILED]\n"
echo_success                  echo -ne "\t[OK]\n"
echo_failure                  echo -ne "\t[FAILED]\n"
/etc/(rc.d/)init.d/functions            # comment out

# Runlevels are extracted from /etc/init.d/<prog>
/sbin/chkconfig --add <prog>       update-rc.d <prog> start <SNN> <runlevels> .
				   stop <KNN> <runlevels> .
/sbin/chkconfig --del <prog>       update-rc.d -f <prog> remove

# Arguments passed to scripts
preinst $1=0, upgrade, else install          upgrade, install
postinst $1=0, upgrade, else install         upgrade, install
prerm $1=0, erase, else upgrade         erase, upgrade
postrm $1=0, erase, else upgrade        erase, upgrade

Directory differences:
/etc/rc.d/init.d                   /etc/init.d
/etc/rc.d/rc0.d                    /etc/rc0.d

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