errata kernel 2.4.18-19* fixes ext3 data-journaling data lossand tg3 hang

Jacek Radajewski jacek at
Mon Jan 6 16:36:00 CST 2003

One of my boxes crashed soon after upgrading to 2.4.18-19.7 (reported to this list about 2 weeks ago) and I was told that tg3 was the offending module ... since then none of the boxes crashed again so perhaps the last crash wasn't tg3 related

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	I've seen other posts where people are still having problems with the
tg3 driver.  I'm reporting sucess with RH 7.3; 2.4.18-19.7.xsmp on Dell
2650s.  Three machines all up for 7+ days serving web pages.  FWIW, all
at 100Mbits via Cisco Cat 6500 switch.

On Fri, 2002-12-20 at 11:04, Matt_Domsch at wrote:
> (I haven't tested this myself yet, but RH says it's fixed, so I'm letting
> you know ASAP.  Use RHN to update.  Happy Holidays! -Matt)
> New kernel fixes ext3 data-journaling data loss and tg3 hang
> Advisory: RHBA-2002:292-05 
> Last updated on: 2002-12-20 
> Affected Products: Red Hat Linux 7.1
> 			 Red Hat Linux 7.2
> 			 Red Hat Linux 7.3
> 			 Red Hat Linux 8.0 
>    Bug Fix Advisory 
> Details:


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