Dell Debian OMSA packages

Frank Louwers frank at
Mon Jan 6 13:33:01 CST 2003

> I have a thermomoter in the server room, it has pretty birds and flowers 
> on it ;-)  

Cool! Do they have it at thinkgeek? :)

No, my servers are 60km away, in a rackmount rack.

> Really, just lmsenors support and the abilioty to compile it 
> for custom kernels would be, er.. nice :)

Hell yes! I'd give a few botles of Belgian <nl>jenever</nl> (or Belgian
beers, your choice) if anyone comes up with a package that does that and
doesn't depend on any spefic kernel or distribution...

Kind Regards
Frank Louwers

Openminds bvba      
Tweebruggenstraat 16  -  9000 Gent  -  Belgium

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