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A small amount of feedback that you may find helpful Jeff.

We used to see the hang problem without fail.  However since we moved to using a GB ethernet switch the situation seems much better. (i.e. kernels/drivers which would hang before don't any longer).  So please put these comments in that context.

I just got a new 2650 on which I've installed RHL v7.3 (via OM) and the results of trying these kernels was:

Official errata 2.4.18-19	Seems OK
Stable update 1.2a aka 125	Not tried
Experimental #1 aka 126	Won't boot  
Experimental #2 aka 127	Seems OK
Experimental #3		Not tried

With 126 it hung twice during boot at different points - once starting cannaserver, once sendmail.  (Although it recognised alt-ctrl-delete to shutdown and reboot.)

I've only tried each kernel for a short time.  I'll leave exp2-127 running for a few days.  Though the box may not be doing much work during that time.



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>>> Jeff Garzik <jgarzik at> 30/12/2002 17:49:58 >>>
Another holiday, another set of tg3 releases.

first, there is an official, production update of tg3, version 1.2a: 

second, for people still having problems, there are three experimental
sets of rpms, to be tried in this order: 

experiment #1 - better irq mask/unmask for better speed and stability
		(test this!)
experiment #2 - ultra-safe version of #1, with less experimental stuff
experiment #3 - the riskiest of the bunch, but potentially faster

I would prefer that everyone who can try experiment #1, and back down to
experiment #2 if that doesn't work.

There is more information on the files in this directory in 

Disclaimer:  These are unofficial rpms created by myself.  They are not
officially released by Red Hat, so do not use them in production, etc.

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