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Thu Jan 2 21:17:00 CST 2003

On Thu, 2 Jan 2003, at 4:12pm, Matt_Domsch at wrote:
>> ... PowerEdge 2500 with PERC 3/Di ROMB (RAID-on-motherboard) ...
>> ... would like to expand the RAID container ...
> Did you make this work yet?


> Yes, "container reconfigure" is the right thing.  
> container reconfigure /partion_size=drive_size logical_drive_id
> (bus,id,lun)

  My initial attempt at "container reconfigure ..." was without the
"/partition_size" switch, which yielded a container of the same size, but
spread over more disks.  After that, "container reconfigure ..." refused to
work with the "/partition_size" switch.  I'm not sure if that was because at
that point the disk was already added, or if I was using it wrong, or what.  

  I had called phone support, but they were, frankly, useless.  I spoke to
two different techs, and both said that the "container extend volume"  
command was the thing to do.  When I stated that command did not seem to
exist in the version of "afacli" I was using, they were stumped.  When I
asked about "container reconfigure ...", they said that might work, but
could not offer any input on how to use it.  In particular, I asked about
any switches I might need to use, and they did not know.

  Eventually, I gave up, deleted and re-created the RAID container, and
restored from tape.  I had already wasted more time trying to resize the
container then it would have taken me to just do it the hard way in the
first place.

  I don't hold any grudge against you, Matt, or anyone else here; this forum
and your engineering group have been invaluable.  It was phone support that
let me down.  Maybe they were just having a bad day; that's not really my
concern.  I'll make my complaint, because it's the right thing to do in this
sort of situation, and move on.  As I said in another message, this sort of
thing is only a problem if it becomes a habit, and so far, that hasn't
happened.  :-)

> (Watch for an article describing how to do disk space addition in the
> March edition of Dell PowerSolutions magazine.  Tesfamariam and I tried to
> make it as simple as possible.)

  I look forward to it.

  Thanks for your help,

Ben Scott <bscott at>
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