Possibly defective BIOS detected (irqtable) on a PE8450

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Thu Jan 2 20:56:00 CST 2003

On Thu, 2 Jan 2003, at 3:28pm, davidc at bonair.stanford.edu wrote:
> I hate to say it but..."Dude, lighten up!" Linux is not Dell's primary
> business focus ...

  Perhaps, then, they should stop congratulating themselves on being the "#1
US Linux server provider".  :-)

> ... and frankly I'm thrilled to get the level of support that I do from
> them. Honestly, Dell is not under any obligation to hand over anything to
> an outside development group, and publicly harassing their support people
> like this is hardly the way to get any cooperation.

  I happen to like Dell.  I think they provide an excellent
price-performance ratio, make hardware that is generally easy to work with,
and generally provide good support.  I certainly prefer Dell over, say,
Compaq, which has been no end of trouble for me.

  However, you seem to be forgetting something here: I am Dell's customer.  
They are supposed to meet my needs.  Not the other way around.  If Dell
can't provide what their customers want, they encourage defection to
competitors.  Making a habit of that is a recipe for corporate suicide. So
Dell is very much obligated to do what their customers ask.  Not only is it
what customers are entitled to, but it is good for Dell's own self-interest.


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