Possibly defective BIOS detected (irqtable) on a PE8450

Marc Schmitt schmitt at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Jan 2 16:26:01 CST 2003

Matt_Domsch at dell.com wrote:

>>On a PE8450, I see the following kernel boot message:
>>Dec 22 17:32:18 sim0 kernel:  *** Possibly defective BIOS detected 
>>Dec 22 17:32:18 sim0 kernel:  *** Many BIOSes matching this signature 
>>have incorrect IRQ routing tables.
>>Dec 22 17:32:18 sim0 kernel:  *** If you see IRQ problems, in 
>>SCSI resets and hangs at boot
>>Dec 22 17:32:18 sim0 kernel:  *** contact your hardware 
>>vendor and ask 
>>about updates.
>>Dec 22 17:32:18 sim0 kernel:  *** Building an SMP kernel may 
>>evade the bug some of the time.
>Yes, we're aware of it, and the liklihood of that BIOS being fixed is really
>really small (it's been like this for several years...  It's actually an
>Intel BIOS.)  Please use an SMP kernel on the PE8450, that doesn't use the
>pirq routing table and thus it works.
Thanks for your answer, I'm not sure how to put your advice into action, 
Can this be achieved with the "noapic" kernel boot option?

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