-bash: /bin/ls: Input/output error (PE2650 RH8 kernel 2.4.18-18.8.0smp)

Barton, Christopher cpbarton at uiuc.edu
Thu Jan 2 09:07:00 CST 2003


After running without incident for 10 days or so, my system now enters a
strange state each day where new processes cannot be created.  Every
command results in the error message "Input/output error".  Additional
logons are prevented.  Other than that, the system appears to be working,
the kernel continues to forward network traffic, and pre-existing
connections are maintained.  You can list files in certain (probably
cached) directories with "echo *", and cat certain files with "read -d \~
var <file; echo -e "$VAR"".  /proc/mounts looks good.  aacraid never
increments in /proc/interrupts, but that may be reasonable, since there is
no disk activity.  The only way to clear this state is a reboot.  We have
other similar systems with long uptimes.

Has anyone else ever seen this?  Is it likely to be a kernel/driver
problem or bad hardware?

I'm aware of the newer errata kernel for 8.0, but I'm not using tg3
(e1000) or mount -o data=journal.

Thank you very much.

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