The State of RH in 2002: It was Bad? fluke at
Thu Jan 2 07:21:00 CST 2003

  Slashdot included for Jan 1st a link to "The State of GNU/Linux in 2002: 
It was Good."
( )

  The article included several statements about "controversial moves" by
Red Hat during 2002.  However, it seems to me that the most damning move
is the GPL and LGPL violations associated with the Dell/Red Hat alliance
product Dell PowerEdge Web Server Version 3.x Powered by Red Hat Linux.  
They started distributing the product around March of 2002 in binary only
form without any written offer of source code.  During October of 2002
(including on the date of the Dell/Red Hat Open Source Security Summit),
the product continued to ship without any written offer.  To address the
GPL/LGPL violations that took place for over half of 2002, both companies
have been asked to issue via postal mail a written offer of source code
availablity to all the customers that recieved these binary only and
notice-less releases--to date I am not aware of either company honoring
this request.

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