Testing Perc2/Si RAID under RedHat 7.2

Kate Rosenbloom kate at rapidmoney.com
Fri Mar 29 15:48:00 CST 2002

Is there a safe way to test software notification of disk problems on
our PowerEdge 2400, running RedHat 7.2 ??  We would like to verify that
if a disk fails, that an entry appears in /var/log/messages (we use
as a log monitor -- and we will configure it to email us if it sees

We attempted to test this on our system while running RedHat 6.2, and
no such log messages.  When we called Dell tech support and explained
test scenario (pull a drive while the system is running) we provoked
lectures about potential damage to our drives.  (So "hot swap" means OK
add a disk while system is running, but not to remove a working drive

Is there a "safe" way to perform this test ??   We need to assure that
notification will happen...

Please reply to me as well as to the list.

	Thanks in advance,

		Kate Rosenbloom
		RapidMoney Corp.
		Santa Cruz, CA

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