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Yes this may be true, but don't forget the important thing, with gpl you can
buy several of these servers and only one with os and load that puppy on
anything you want.  Can't do that with sun or msoft.

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Hi All,

    $800 is highly questionable, as I said then I might as well buy a Sun HA
product, those are well tested and have stood the test of time, that may
mean I would have to invest in a Sun server but its alright if can afford a
couple of <$1000 Sun Blades 100's. The reason Linux is popular is that its
free or close to.

    As I said any budding sysadmin could read the docs follow the
instructions, refer to a mailing list and set up clustering and the like. I
wouldn't pay $800 for something that I would be able to do given time, I
thinks that if there was a reduction in cost form $800 that would be better
incentive to doing some purchasing, as it is my chiefs and bosses are
relucant about support and paying for that, they even are hardly convinced
about the up2date payments, so trying to make them buy something with
clustering that one can implement would be difficult, some bad experiences
with Solaris, but Solaris 9 is indeed going to give this system a run for
its money in certain aspects.

    But nonetheless, even RH admits that its possible to build this server
together by getting the software of the internet. So its a question of time,
do wish to put that in and of money do you have the spare mullah for
software or for the *beer* hmmm .... :) :) :) :), but then Dell servers kick
back side and are sort of generic in parts so they work well with most
software, yeah Dell. I wouldn't say the same about Compaq.



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> On Thu, 28 Mar 2002, Seth Mos wrote:
> > At 09:34 28-3-2002 +0000, Basil Hussain wrote:
> > >Anyway, I seem to remember kernel 2.5 will feature some (or all?) of
> > >above enhancements anyway. I'd wait for that...
> >
> > If you can wait a year :-)
> Or two. :-)
> Seriously, if you look at things from an Enterprise or large business
> perspective, $800 is really a pittance. Compare that to the fact that
> there are no per-seat fees, and you might as well spend the extra money on
> Advanced Server. If you look at the marketplace, Microsoft is charging
> this much, up-front, for their produce, except then they tack on per-user
> or per-seat fees after that. With the AS product, you get more technical
> support, RHN, and clustering features, built into the product. Looks fair
> to me. What does everybody else think?
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