Red Hat Advanced Server and Dell

Owen Scott Medd osm at
Thu Mar 28 12:12:01 CST 2002

On Thu, 2002-03-28 at 11:42, Michael E Brown wrote:
> Seriously, if you look at things from an Enterprise or large business
> perspective, $800 is really a pittance. Compare that to the fact that
> there are no per-seat fees, and you might as well spend the extra money on
> Advanced Server. If you look at the marketplace, Microsoft is charging
> this much, up-front, for their produce, except then they tack on per-user
> or per-seat fees after that. With the AS product, you get more technical
> support, RHN, and clustering features, built into the product. Looks fair
> to me. What does everybody else think?

While this is really preaching to the choir here, I have to say that we
are very excited about  this (well, I guess we'd be even more excited if
it was, say, free).  I don't have any problem with this level of
investment to get the features and support for our existing cluster of
machines.  Lord knows that every time we have to compile and test a
custom kernel that addresses *some* of these features, it costs us more
than $800 in opportunity cost.

And, of course, there isn't any threat we'd be installing Microsoft
products over our existing linux investment.  We've had a very positive
experience over the last five or six years, with the only real bump (and
it has been a major one) being the whole large memory/bounce buffer
issue.  I am hoping that AS will finally put this issue to rest for us
in a supported configuration.

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