Red Hat Advanced Server and Dell

Michael E Brown michael_e_brown at
Thu Mar 28 10:43:00 CST 2002

On Thu, 28 Mar 2002, Seth Mos wrote:

> At 09:34 28-3-2002 +0000, Basil Hussain wrote:
> >Anyway, I seem to remember kernel 2.5 will feature some (or all?) of the
> >above enhancements anyway. I'd wait for that...
> If you can wait a year :-)

Or two. :-)

Seriously, if you look at things from an Enterprise or large business
perspective, $800 is really a pittance. Compare that to the fact that
there are no per-seat fees, and you might as well spend the extra money on
Advanced Server. If you look at the marketplace, Microsoft is charging
this much, up-front, for their produce, except then they tack on per-user
or per-seat fees after that. With the AS product, you get more technical
support, RHN, and clustering features, built into the product. Looks fair
to me. What does everybody else think?

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