Red Hat Advanced Server and Dell

Collins, Kevin KCollins at
Thu Mar 28 10:15:00 CST 2002

>> Is $800
>> a reasonable price for a Linux OS, regardless of the price of the
>> hardware platform ?
>Sounds like a lot to me - that's into Windows 2000 Server territory. It
>seems like the real meat of what you're paying for is the 
>clustering support
>and Red Hat Network usage.

Not to be picky here Basil, but the $800 for Windows 2000 Server *just* buys
the license for the Server to run the Windows 2000 Server Operating System
and allow 5 users to access the box.  For each additional user, the cost
goes up about $50. :-O

I know because to upgrade my company to Windows 2000 from Windows NT on a
total of 6 servers was going to cost us $9,000.   Now we're looking toward
Linux.  EVEN if I had to pay $800 per server the total cost would only be
$4,800.  That's still a savings in my book!

Thankfully my needs don't require the Advanced Server package so I'm going
to out only $159 per server - That *much* better than $9,000.  :-)

Kevin L. Collins, MCSE
Systems Manager
Nesbitt Engineering, Inc.

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