Update: PowerEdge6400 PCI Interrupt Bug

Arjan van de Ven arjanv at redhat.com
Thu Mar 28 03:37:01 CST 2002

Curtis Rubel wrote:
> Hello all once again,
>         After reporting the situation to Dell, the only
> recommendation was to upgrade to the Enterprise Server
> version of Redhat.  They seem to think that they kernel
> that ships with the regular version will not properly support
> more that 2 cpus...

hehe I think they're confused with Windows XP.

7.2 ships with 3 (usable) kernels for Intel Pentium II/III/4 CPU's:

"kernel"	   : single processor kernel; supports upto approx 4Gb of ram
"kernel-smp"       : multiprocessor kernel; supports upto approx 4Gb of
"kernel-enterprise": multiprocessor kernel; compiled to support > 4Gb of
   (in theory 64Gb, in practice it'll be 32Gb or so)

>         I seem to recall that the Linux kernel will support
> up to 128 cpus out of the box, but I am not 100% positive
> on the number.

not quite; right now a 32 bit cpu is limited to 32 cpus, a 64 bit cpu is
limited to 64 cpus.
Note that these are the THEORETICAL values of the core code. 
As for what we ship in 7.2: We use a Dell machine with 8 cpus quite a
bit for testing our kernels on.
(and has 16Gb of RAM as well)

>         At any rate, we currently have all 4 cpus reinstalled, running
> the same 2.4.18 kernel we had previously, our PCI cards are
> installed in slots 1,2,5 and the system is running ok.  We will leave
> it cycling overnight to verify things.

The 8450 has a bios bug where the single processor kernel doesn't work
we've seen no problems with the smp or enterprise kernel.

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