Red Hat Advanced Server and Dell

Basil Hussain basil.hussain at
Thu Mar 28 03:35:00 CST 2002


> > Any idea what "features kernel enhancements for improved
> > application I/O performance" translates as?
> I believe that after some extended work with database vendors, RH
> have made some optimisations to the I/O system. That is a marketing
> answer, and I hope that someone who knows more than that might care
> to comment.

There is also this slightly-more technical (but still sparse - one page
only!) bit of info about Red Hat Advanced Server:

Specifically, with regard to kernel enhancements, it mentions:

* Asynchronous I/O Support
* I/O Lock Contention Elimination
* Bounce Buffer Elimination

> Is $800
> a reasonable price for a Linux OS, regardless of the price of the
> hardware platform ?

Sounds like a lot to me - that's into Windows 2000 Server territory. It
seems like the real meat of what you're paying for is the clustering support
and Red Hat Network usage.

Anyway, I seem to remember kernel 2.5 will feature some (or all?) of the
above enhancements anyway. I'd wait for that...


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