Red Hat Advanced Server and Dell Stephen_Wanless at
Wed Mar 27 14:08:01 CST 2002

> Can anyone from Dell comment on what this new product 
> will mean to us Dell Linux users?

Well, I can't say what it might mean for *everyone* ! :)

Yes, we (Dell) will be supporting RH's AS operating system. Expect
to see a more specific announcement from us in the near future.

> Any idea what "features kernel enhancements for improved 
> application I/O performance" translates as?

I believe that after some extended work with database vendors, RH
have made some optimisations to the I/O system. That is a marketing 
answer, and I hope that someone who knows more than that might care
to comment. More info can also be found here :

> And will it be offered on all PowerEdges?

We are still working on that one. Given it's pricing structure
it might not make sense to offer it on all the PE units. Is $800
a reasonable price for a Linux OS, regardless of the price of the
hardware platform ?


Linux Product Line Manager, Dell ESG.
stephen_wanless at

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