DLT tape question

Wed Mar 27 10:53:00 CST 2002

here is the answer:

Type IV tape previously formatted/written by a DLT 4000/7000/8000 cannot be
used in a DLT1 unit. The ONLY way to reuse the tape is by degaussing or bulk
erasing the tape with special equipment then format the tape with a DLT1

The current DLT drives from Quantum uses a "Ferrite Head", which writes
"deeper" into the media than the Thin-Film MR (Magneto Resistive) head that
the DLT1 drive uses. So if the DLT1 drive attempted to write on a previously
recorded DLT4000 piece of media there could be residual magnetic properties
left deep in the media that could confuse the DLT1.

Richard Goodwin might know more about this issue.



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> Note the WR_PROT status, i.e. write protected. Needless to say the
> physical write protect tab on the tape is off.
> Although tar on linux will happily read the tape's contents, there
> seems to be no way to write to the same tape.


> So the $64k question - how do I get to re-use these tapes?

We have an HP DLT1e tape drive here, and the docs state that it will only
*read* DLT4000-written tapes. All the DLT1 tape drives I've ever come across
are the same. For the HP, with regard to writing to them, the manual states
that you may only do this when "a DLTtape IV has been bulk erased or

So, it would seem you can't re-use them as-is.


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