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Once you have written to a tape on a DLT4000 Tape Drive, you can NOT use
that same tape in a DLT1 Tape Drive.  The only way to make this work will be
to de-magnatise the Tape.  The reason why the tapes won't work in the
different Tape Drives is that the formatting header information that is
stored on the Tape is different.  The DLT4000 TBU is a Quantum Tape drive
and the DLT1 is a Benchmark Tape Drive.

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Jeremy Sheard
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I have a Dell DLT1 tape drive connected to a server running 2.4.9-31.
It happily writes tapes from new, using any of dd, dump or tar. I have
installed the latest (non-redhat) rpm for dump / restore: dump-0.4b26-1.

I also have a Dell P/V 110T DLT4000 tape drive attached to a Dell 4300.
This system is running BSDi. Typically I use GNU tar to write archives
to the DLT4000 tapes. The DLT4000 and the DLT1 use identical media,
although the DLT1 can write at twice the density.

If I load one of the DLT4000 written tapes into the DLT1, then mt
reports the status

SCSI 2 tape drive:
File number=0, block number=0, partition=0.
Tape block size 0 bytes. Density code 0x88 (DLT 40GB uncompressed).
Soft error count since last status=0
General status bits on (45010000):

Note the WR_PROT status, i.e. write protected. Needless to say the
physical write protect tab on the tape is off.

Although tar on linux will happily read the tape's contents, there
seems to be no way to write to the same tape. For example

mt -f /dev/st0 erase


/dev/st0: Read-only file system.

So the $64k question - how do I get to re-use these tapes?


Norman Bridges

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