RAID5 on a PE2450

Bas Spandaw dellmail at
Tue Mar 26 05:55:00 CST 2002

Hi All, 

I am sorry that this is a bit off-topic because it is not really linux specific... (I am migrating to RH 7.2 though)

My config is a PE2450 with PERC 3/si and has three discs: 

2 * seagate cheetah 10.000 RPM (ST39204LC) 
1 * Fujitsu 10.000 RPM (MAG3182LC) 

I would like to make a RAID 5 container with these three discs. 
The fujitsu is slower than the two cheetahs. 

I would like to know if it is a bad idea to use RAID5 with one slower disc, or if the performance loss will be acceptable.. 

An other option is make the two cheetahs a mirror and the fujitsu a non RAID volume. this way I have less redundant space and no performance gain. 

Any idea's or experiences? 

Bas Spandaw
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