Adapter failover with broadcom + intel cards

Jeremy Stoltz jstoltz at
Tue Mar 26 00:34:01 CST 2002

I have been using all Intel cards for some time. The e100 and e1000 modules
are in the stock kernel and work great. However the iANS modules are not
included in the stock kernel.

I occasionally had problems with the drivers and the latest kernel. For
example the iANS module initially didn't work with Redhat 7.2. Then a few
weeks later they did have a version that worked. However I could only get it
to work with 2.4.7-10, which shipped with 7.2. But I couldn't get it to work
with 2.4.7-13, an errata kernel released shortly after 7.2.

I decided not to use iANS and don't have any recent experiance with it. I'm
considering giving it another try. Anyone else have an recent experiance
with the iANS modules?


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> A happy ending.. Sort of
> My manager+his manager have a huge obsession with being 'supported' which
> basically means we can't run anything which is remotely new.
> The solution to the problem is that we're acquiring intel cards for all of
> the 2550s - I would rather use a late model kernel but it's not my call
> Thanks guys
> Matt
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