questions on tuning PE for linux and SAN on linux.. Matt_Domsch at
Mon Mar 25 09:53:07 CST 2002

> > Trust me, we wonder about SAN 5.0 every day, just like you. :-)
> and you work for dell :-/.  i was hearing how dell is a really flat
> company - is it now so big you guys in dell don't get told about
> leading edge stuff either ?

We know about it, that's not the issue.  Our team isn't directly responsible
for it, but we are assisting the storage team as best we can.  A lot of the
issues center around the current QLogic driver not being clean enough to be
included in the standard kernel - so Dell's testing keeps uncovering
problems that wouldn't be if it were cleaner.   Arjan @ Red Hat has been a
*huge* help on this recently - hundreds of hours spent cleaning up the
qla2200/2300 driver, and QLogic is receptive to those cleanups - so
hopefully the driver will get lots better in the coming months.


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