questions on tuning PE for linux and SAN on linux.. Steve_Boley at
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You can look at Lifekeeper by Steeleye.  They have an eval copy you can use
and try out.  This is the setup that compaq is using for linux san clusters
and the docs say it supports transparent failover and the app locks the data
to the current server that is accessing and then releases for the next to
prevent data corruption.  This might be what you are needing and their
requirements are a san, qlogic cards, and intel architecture server with
either redhat 6.x or 7.x and it looks like you have all this covered.  You
can access the info at and is available outside of compaq.

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On Mon, 25 Mar 2002, Michael E Brown wrote:

> Trust me, we wonder about SAN 5.0 every day, just like you. :-)

and you work for dell :-/.  i was hearing how dell is a really flat
company - is it now so big you guys in dell don't get told about
leading edge stuff either ?

> > the data onto it, rather than just migrate luns.. since it would use
> > its native filesystem).
> Dell|EMC supports these boxes under Linux right now, for certain versions.
> Red Hat 7.0 is supported, RH 7.1 & 7.2 will be supported soon. You still
> need a windows management station for Navisphere, but that will go away
> sometime in the next few months.

uhm.  what's the difference in "support" ?  7.0 is a 2.2 kernel.  7.1
is 2.4.  i was told navisphere runs under Linux and has been available for
months on that platform - was i incorrectly informed ?

> You can get SANergy for Linux. Not that you would want to use it. I
> haven't heard anybody (who has used it) say nice things about it. When
> people keep telling me it loses data sometimes, I get nervous. But then
> again, it may have improved in the newer versions.

hmm.  i will keep this in mind.  thanks for the feedback michael.



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