PE2550 BIOS console redirection and terminal server

Daniel Grandjean Daniel.Grandjean at
Mon Mar 25 08:17:01 CST 2002


Has anyone had bios console redirection working with terminal server?
I'm (trying to use) using PE2550 with Remote Annex 2000.

The bios console redirection work fine in setup like the one in
documentation using terminal emulator directly on the serial line.

Serial traffic snooping shows that the poweredge does an
'esc [5n'  or 'Query Device Status'.
If it does not get an answer, it doesnt switch to BIOS console redirection.

So my question are
Is the behaviour I've just described the reality?
as there is no documentation on this point.

If yes
-Is there a way to have the BIOS console redirection on a device
 that does not respond to a Query Device Status like a terminal
 server (or any 'dumb' serial device)
If no
 RFE: Think to introduce in next product/release
	- a BIOS console redirection in any case mode
	- a speed selection in console redirection as there is no
		choice on PE2550

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