questions on tuning PE for linux and SAN on linux..

Gabor Kovacs koga at
Mon Mar 25 02:18:01 CST 2002


This sounds a little bit crazy :)

We bougt several months ago a SAN environment too. (We have a PV660 and
a 51F Switch now with 1550, 2550 and 4400 machines.) We planed use NFS
and SAN in a mixed Linux and Windows environment. Dell said the support
for SAN on Linux will we available in the 1st quarter of 2002, but I
think nothing was happened there.

Michael E Brown wrote:

> > also, has anyone deployed a SAN environment under linux ?  i am
> There are a few of them out there :-)  Dell doesn't have any official
> support for SAN on Linux, except what is provided by EMC
> ( Unfortunately, this excludes PV650, PV660,
> PV530, PV224, etc...

See above :) Is there any plan when will be SAN available for Linux?

> > particularly on being able to mount luns as read only  that are
> > being dynamically modified on another server..
> Don't do this. Seriously. Whenever we get ht://dig fixed again, you can
> search here: for more info. Searching for
> 'ext2', 'corrupt{ion|ed}', and 'megaraid' should bring back the relevant
> results, but I won't know until it is fixed :-)

I don't really understand You.
If I'm right it means that there is problems with ext2 or what? And how
comes megaraid here? :)

> > advice/suggestions eagerly sought..
> Sounds like you want GFS: It is a commercial
> product that you will have to pay for if you want. There is an open source
> version: if you want to investigate.

Why is this better than NFS. No. Sorry :) Bad question.
Why is this working and NFS not in SAN environments?


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