questions on tuning PE for linux and SAN on linux..

jason andrade jason at
Mon Mar 25 01:26:00 CST 2002

On Mon, 25 Mar 2002, Michael E Brown wrote:

> There are a few of them out there :-)  Dell doesn't have any official
> support for SAN on Linux, except what is provided by EMC
> ( Unfortunately, this excludes PV650, PV660,
> PV530, PV224, etc...

hmm.  is dell ever going to have an official san product ?  i was hearing
things about Dell San 4.0 for linux.. which didn't come out.  then 5.0
(which hasn't come out?).   

i'm looking into an upgrade from our 650 to the 4500 or maybe a 4700FC
(a 4700IP might be an option except i then assume i have to restore all
the data onto it, rather than just migrate luns.. since it would use
its native filesystem).

however the > US$50,000 costs in doing this mean it's not likely to happen
in the near future.  

one of the main reasons (in case dell is listening :-) to go to a 4500 or 4700
is to get away from having to have windows to manage the arrays.

> > contemplating an upgrade by putting in a 51F switch and connecting
> > the storage directly to the "server" (needs read write) and "clients"
> > (needs read only).
> > i haven't seen a lot of documentation on this,
> You haven't seen a lot of documentation because this is a terribly bad
> thing to do.

well, that was only the physical bits - i kind of assumed someone would
jump in here with "and the software you need to sit on the server and
client is....<blah>...".

> > particularly on being able to mount luns as read only  that are
> > being dynamically modified on another server..
> Don't do this. Seriously. Whenever we get ht://dig fixed again, you can
> search here: for more info. Searching for
> 'ext2', 'corrupt{ion|ed}', and 'megaraid' should bring back the relevant
> results, but I won't know until it is fixed :-)

i realise i can't literally mount the same luns read/write and read only
on different machines due to filesystem caching issues - but i was hoping
SANergy or some other piece of software was now available for linux to
address this without..

> Sounds like you want GFS: It is a commercial
> product that you will have to pay for if you want. There is an open source
> version: if you want to investigate.

having to do go down this track, which is more complexity and cost.. but
them's the breaks for wanting performance and reliability i guess.  you
get what you pay for..

thanks for the feedback though.



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