Adapter failover with broadcom + intel cards

Matthew Parslow MatthewP at
Mon Mar 25 00:07:01 CST 2002

I have 7 or so 2550s with the onboard e100s and bcm5700s.
I want to get failover working with these two cards (aggregation is not
important, they're on separate switches anyway)
I installed the intel adapter teaming software (iANS 1.4.32) and configured
it and everything seemed to be fine, however this error kept coming up in
baseGetMIIStatusInfo: eth1: Failed to get phy address
And the failover part of the software didn't work! (it loads fine, and gives
no errors, but when you disconnect the intel card, it doesn't work) in fact
it never shows the broadcom card as up at all.
My first test was with the same software on a 2500 with two e100s, which
worked perfectly.

After the intel failover didn't work, I tried the broadcom BASP software
(2.0.5), but the SLB functionality requires the drivers to have NICE
support, and I couldn't find any intel drivers that had NICE support.

If anyone can shed some light on this, or suggest an alternative solution,
as we really don't want to buy extra NICs for these machines.

I'm using RH7.2 with 2.4.7 and the broadcom(2.0.34)+intel(1.6.14) drivers
off the dell site (I also tried the BASP stuff with the eepro100 driver)

Matthew Parslow
Unix administrator
Lonely Planet Publications (Australia)

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