questions on tuning PE for linux and SAN on linux..

jason andrade jason at
Sun Mar 24 18:30:00 CST 2002


I've just subcribed to try to get feedback on poweredge tuning for
linux and SAN deployment using poweredge/powervault.

i've got 4 2450s with 1G of ram, dual p3/733s and mirrored 9G
disks.  one is connected to a 650F with 1.2T of disk via a
QLA2200, and acts as a (read only) nfs server to the other
machines via GigE (clients have 100Mbit cards).

i've already found out linux has serious issues with GigE -> 100Bt
and am looking at upgrading everything to a GigE back end.

does anyone have any tuning tips on kernel builds, network drivers
or whatever on how to get the most out of the PE platform using
redhat linux (7.0 in our case, but running a 2.4 kernel).

any horror stories about using 2.4.18 on the PE ?

also, has anyone deployed a SAN environment under linux ?  i am
contemplating an upgrade by putting in a 51F switch and connecting
the storage directly to the "server" (needs read write) and "clients"
(needs read only).  i haven't seen a lot of documentation on this,
particularly on being able to mount luns as read only  that are
being dynamically modified on another server..

advice/suggestions eagerly sought..


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