PE1650 and PERC 3/DC problem

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Not positive since I have not received my first
1650 yet, but I think the reason you can't
connect another raid to the internal drives
is because this server is designed to be
"cable-less" and the drive backplane is probably
integrated right into the motherboard via a
connector or something.  This is common when
cramming so much into a 1U chassis.  I would
bet that the 2U and larger servers will continue
to have cables or other ways to use optional/3rd
party raid controllers.


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I recently tried to order a PE1650 and have hit a problem.  I wish to use
internal disks with a PERC 3/DC, but have been told this cannot be done on
this model!  Has anyone else had this problem?

We run a number of Power Edge servers (1550, 2450, 2550, 6450) with Linux
and are generally very happy with them.  As we wanted hardware RAID we
standardized on the add-in AMI PERC 3/DC cards because:
a)  They were common across the 1X5X, 2X5X and 6X5X series
b)  They seem to work better with Linux generally:
  AMI megaraid driver stable in the stock RH kernel, dellmgr utility better
than afacli IMHO, etc
c)  They appear to suffer less performance issues with Linux than the
adaptec, 3/Di, aacraid embedded controllers

I know that it's cheaper to enable the embedded adaptec controller on the
2450/2550, but I still don't want to do this.  Especially given the number
of problems that the aacraid driver appears to have had recently.

When I specified the 1650 online everything appeared to be normal.  I
selected the PERC3/DC as my RAID controller as I have for other models we
have purchased.  However my Dell server consultant has now informed me that
on the 1650 the PERC3/DC can only be used with external disks.  :-(

Can anyone from Dell confirm or comment on this situation?
Is this likely to happen on future models?  E.g. Whatever Dell replace the
2550 with?
I am not very impressed that I seem to have the choice of embedded RAID or
nothing.  This may rule the model out for me, which is a shame as otherwise
it looks very promising indeed!



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