How smart is SMART for hard drives?

Kevin M. Myer kevin_myer at
Thu Mar 21 09:22:00 CST 2002


Another question:

I have a hard drive that kept failing in a PE 4400 machine.  It would be flagged
as bad, the RAID5 set would rebuild and the cycle would repeat.  Seeking to
eliminate cables as the problem, I swapped drives with a new 2550 I had just
deployed.  The swapped drive seemingly works fine in the 4400 but the
problematic drive is getting SMART with me on the 2550 now:

Kernel log:
Mar 19 00:29:57 noc2 kernel: aacraid:SMART WARNING: ID (0:1:0)=FPT_EXCEEDED(Test)

CLI info:
AFA0> disk show smart (0,1,0)      
Executing: disk show smart (BUS=0,ID=1,LUN=0)

        Smart    Method of         Enable 
        Capable  Informational     Exception  Performance  Error  
B:ID:L  Device   Exceptions(MRIE)  Control    Enabled      Count
------  -------  ----------------  ---------  -----------  ------
0:01:0     Y            6             Y           Y           607

AFA0> disk show defects (0,1,0)
Executing: disk show defects (BUS=0,ID=1,LUN=0)

Number of PRIMARY defects on drive: 136

Number of GROWN defects on drive: 1

What metric is FPT_EXCEEDED tracking?  Is there any way to get at what the
errors were?  I've tried using smartsuite 2.1 that is included in the RawHide
branch of the Red Hat kernel-utils but that just gives me pretty generic info.

I just want to make sure that the drive really is failing before I call it in
for replacement.


Kevin M. Myer
Systems Administrator
Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13

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