Heather Guse dell at dpnsecurity.com
Thu Mar 21 09:12:01 CST 2002

Unfortunately each image (pre-installed)2500 series server has been different(shipped from dell).  This has been somewhat frustrating.  In some cases I re-install off of the included CDs and in some cases I just deal with what comes.  The packages installed are different from shipment to shipment and the basic way the drives have been partitioned is very different.  I imagine they are experimenting with different images...but it makes it difficult for me to standardize at an Enterprise level.

My application at this point is limited to file/print servers and occasional mail servers.  I don't use RedHat for firewalls(I use OpenBSD).

So really my application is common and fairly simple, using basic components.  On two different servers with one being re-installed and one using the pre-installed image...I had the same result with one drive going down within 2 weeks of implementation.  It has been suggested that I upgrade the aacraid and the kernels...which I will do with in the next two weeks(caught in a project at the moment).

> Security-wise, you'll be better off this way, but I'm sure you already know 
> that :-)  The aacraid driver, as with most of the advanced features of Linux, 
> is still a work in progress and is bound to have some bugs.  Are you doing 
> anything specific that might be different from the stock installation on both 
> of those machines?
> -Bill
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