Debian on PE 2550 w/ RAID

Seth Mos knuffie at
Thu Mar 21 04:18:00 CST 2002

At 18:11 20-3-2002 -0500, Sean McAvoy wrote:
>I noticed that you went with woody, I am still deciding to go with
>either woody or potato. Are you running woody on production servers? and
>if so what has the stability been like? I've got a  PE 4400 as well (not
>in production yet, running 2.4.17 w/ XFS on root) a few 1550s, and a
>bunch of 350s, and a 2550. I was looking to do software raid on some of
>them any pointers on a good way to do it? Thanks!

May I suggest using 2.4.18-xfs from CVS instead. It brings a number of 
improvements over the older kernels.

It has increased delete speed (asynchronous delete path)
No more files with NULL characters when pulling the power from the box 
because of the above.
Software raid 5 should be a lot faster and not require a external log to go 
The same ACL VFS interface between XFS,ext2 and ext3 (You need new userland 
A lot of other fixes since 2.4.17 ofcourse.

You could also wait a while since 1.0.3 is around the door although it is 
based on the 2.4.9 kernel afaik. This would be a Red Hat Linux based kernel 
ofcourse and not applicable to debian (although the source rpm might be of 
use for you).

You can always use 2.4.18-xfs since that also has all the above but is not 
as thoroughly tested as the releases that are made.


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