Debian on 1650 with e1000

Neil Spring nspring at
Wed Mar 20 17:52:02 CST 2002

Hmmph. I was thwarted by what I think is the same problem
in trying to fit a 33mhz cyclades card in a 1550.

So I guess the real problem is that you have to get a
kernel patched with the e1000 onto the machine.  There are
at least five ways (in no particular order):

1) copy Debian with ((kernel source and the e1000 patch)
or (patched kernel image)) onto the machine.  dd is your
friend.  I've used it to duplicate machines before.

2) build a kernel on another machine, then make your
own using the boot-floppies package.  I haven't tried
this myself.

3) wait for someone to build Debian install disks with
the e1000 patch.

4) download woody cd images.  a google search for "Debian
woody cd iso" turns up some promising leads.  you'll still
have to sneakernet the e1000 module or patch.

5) find a network card that fits.  Our alteon acenic cards
fit correctly in our 1550's; if you have any of those
(or perhaps a 3c985?), it may fit in the server and is
supported in Debian kernel images.  Perhaps others on
the list can tell you what sort of reasonably supported
network card would fit in your 1650's PCI-slot.

Be sure to publically mock Intel for wasting your time
with this, and optionally (sorry guys) Dell for choosing
the wrong built-in parts for a linux machine. (I realize
there aren't a lot of choices)


On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 05:12:00PM -0600, G. Barros wrote:
> thwarted again...
> it seems i got the version with the 64-bit only riser card... no 32-bit 
> slots....
> argh!
> -guil
> At 03:01 PM 3/20/2002 -0800, Neil Spring wrote:
> >On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 04:50:10PM -0600, G. Barros wrote:
> >> My issue is that the e1000 drivers arent in the deb boot disks because 
> >they
> >> seem not to have been GPL'd... consequently i cant do a net isntall. 
> >Right
> >...
> >> if anyone has any tips they would be appreciated...
> >
> >can you temporarily install a cheap fast ethernet card?
> >
> >it's nice that the 2550, although including the broadcom
> >nic, has a well supported 100mbit intel nic there too for
> >just this problem.
> >
> >-neil

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