Debian on 1650 with e1000

Dirk Wetter dirkw at
Wed Mar 20 17:51:01 CST 2002


if you cannot boot a modular kernel (intel provides the module, but not a
kernel patch) go to redhat or suse and get their kernel sources, this is
what i did for my net install. redhat however has for the e1000 more than
just the e1k patch, you have to figure out what patches else you need. suse
has just one patch, the name was 50_intel-e100-e1000-2.4.13-pre6 . let me
know if you need that one, i'll sent it to you then.

On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, G. Barros wrote:

> Hmm... seems like we're each battling a different problem... or maybe its
> just me :)
> im trying to figure out how to get debian on a stock 1650 with no RAID.
> this is my "toy" box, the other 4 on the shelf do have the raid card in
> them (thats my next task...)
> My issue is that the e1000 drivers arent in the deb boot disks because they
> seem not to have been GPL'd... consequently i cant do a net isntall. Right
> now im playing with trying to add it to the disks and sucking it up and
> downloading a full install cd at the same time... lets see what gets done
> first :)
> if anyone has any tips they would be appreciated...
> thx,
> -guil
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