Utility Partition and Linux

Ries van twisk rvt at dds.nl
Wed Mar 20 15:59:01 CST 2002

Hi Guil,

I only have experiances with the 2400, 2450 and the 1300.
I did run debian potato on them execpt for the 2450 (out off my control)
without a problem. I also did remove the utility partition.
Experiences are exteemly good so for execpt for the raid controler that
is a bit slow but it's fast enough if you don't run a heavy database
The 2400 runs in Raid 5 and the 2450 runs in raid 1.


"G. Barros" wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> New here, just got my first of 5 PowerEdge 1650's and im about to start
> installing Debian on them. What have peoples experiences been with this
> combination?
> and...
> whats the utility partition for, and should i bother keeping it around if
> im not running w2k?
> thx,
> -guil
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