DIMM upgrade for Dell PE1300

Mark Kilmartin mrk at renre-europe.com
Wed Mar 20 02:34:01 CST 2002

There is a utility included with the I2C and/or lmsensors package that
reads the configuration of of the eeprom chip located on DIMMs this
contains quite a lot of information about the DIMM and may give you the
needed information.


On Fri, 2002-03-15 at 06:57, David Vu wrote:
> I need to order extra SDRAM to upgrade some remote colocated Dell PE1300/600
> servers.
> The problem is I do not know whether the type of the existing SDRAM is
> unbuffered or registered, in order to order the new SDRAM.  According to the
> system service manual, I must order the same type of SDRAM because I can not
> mix both unbuffered and registered SDRAMs in a PE1300.  Moreover, the max
> capacity of SDRAM is 512MB if using unbuffered SDRAMs and 1GB if using
> registered SDRAMs.
> I know that when we ordered the servers (years ago), each came with dual
> 128MB DIMMs making a total of 256MB.  Now we want to expand the RAM to
> 768MB.  Is there any way/utility to find out whether the existing SDRAMs are
> unbuffered or registered?  Unfortunately, these servers are in remote remote
> locations and I can't open one up to have a look.
> Any idea would be much appreciated.
> David.
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