DELL pre-installation Red Hat release for PE 2550 with PERC3/Di RAID

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Hi Henrik.... I bought 4 PE2550 with Linux and it is very stable... the version I got is RHL 7.1. Take care.

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> Subject: DELL pre-installation Red Hat release for PE 2550 with PERC3/Di RAID
> Hi,
> we have recently purchased a DELL PowerEdge 2550 with PERC3/Di RAID controller used in a RAID-5 configuration with 3 discs. For now we are
> using the PE for prototyping and performance testing. The plan is to use DELL PE 2550 servers and DELL PW 530 workstations later for a satellite
> mission control system if we can validate the stability and performance of the system satisfactorily.
> We initially selected not to have the server pre-installed with RedHat Linux as we due to other software constraints would
> prefer to run SuSe Linux 7.3 We are using other software sofar only tested against SuSe 7.3 and to make our life easier we have sofar chosen to 
> use SuSe 7.3.
> We have however had a fair deal of problems with installing and running the PE 2550 with SuSe 7.3 (the latest problem being that the
> PE 2550 hangs during file system checks on boot-up and only a hard reset will cure this problem. Sometimes we are not able to get the server
> booted again -:( ).
> Due to these problems we are now strongly considering moving to RedHat Linux to acquire an installation as it would have been delivered from DELL
> had we ordered it with RedHat Linux pre-installed. We have contacted DELL Support in Denmark where the machines were bought to get information on
> how to get hold of the RedHat installation that DELL is using when pre-installing linux. Surprisingly and quite unsatisfactorily we have not been able to get
> an even remotely clear answer from DELL support DK, they just simply doesn't seem to know !!
> Can any of you out there tell me, which version of RedHat would be pre-installed by DELL on a PE 2550 with PERC3/Di RAID controller or which version is
> to be recommended for use with the PE 2550 configuration we have.
> From the DELL homepage (Official Red Hat Releases from DELL) there seems to be at least two
> possibilities, one of which is an SBE release and the other a retail release:
>     Red Hat Linux 7.2 Retail - kernel     2.4.7-10 - servers only - Customer Kit - Dell SKU 420-0324, Dell MOD 6K524         Red Hat Linux 7.1 SBE - kernel 2.4.3-6 -     servers only - Dell SKU 420-3243 
> Any help in clarifying this issue would be highly appreciated.
> Regards
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