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Tue Mar 19 10:56:01 CST 2002

No, no solution has been found other than to
use a Dell PERC 3/QC which was recently
reported on this list has having very good
performance, it costs about $2000 I think.
The person who posted said it's based on a
different chip than the i960.  You could
also use another vendor's raid controller
and hook it to the backplane.  The standard
PERC's stink.

I notice that Dell doesn't quote any linux
benchmarks on their web site when bragging
about their PowerEdge performance, no secret
why that is...  Not that Microsoft Exchange
and cpu-only benchmarks aren't incredibly
useful... :-)

If you need superior performance and can
tolerate it, software raid is an option.


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    I know this topic has been discussed before, but I'm having performance
issues and was hoping for some help.  I would like some advise and
suggestions about tuning a PowerEdge 6450 (4 CPU) with a PERC 3/DC in a RAID
5 configuration.  This server is housing our VMware based development
environment.  It works well most of the time, but it slow.  I am attempting
to determine slow points and address them. 
	My biggest bottleneck seems to be disk.  Was there any resolution to
the disk performance discussions of a couple of weeks ago?
	Any ideas what to watch?  What to articles to read?  Benchmark
	Currently, my plan is to upgrade to Redhat 7.2 with the latest
kernel.  I am on kernel-2.4.3-6.  It has the megaraid driver v1.14g-ac2.
This driver is quite old.  I am also going to upgrade the PERC firmware from
1.57 to 161J.  The docs for 161J mention "Performance Enhancements".
	I'm looking at CPU performance, disk, and network.  The machines
have 4 GBs of RAM and don't appear to be swapping at all.  I'm considering
breaking the RAID 5 set, restripping, and possibly going RAID 1.
	Thanks for any advise you can spare,
	--Chris Swinefurth
	NISYS, Inc.


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