DELL pre-installation Red Hat release for PE 2550 with PERC3/ Di RAID Matt_Domsch at
Tue Mar 19 09:31:01 CST 2002

> We have however had a fair deal of problems with installing
> and running the PE 2550 with SuSe 7.3 (the latest problem
> being that the PE 2550 hangs during file system checks
> on boot-up and only a hard reset will cure this problem.
> Sometimes we are not able to get the server booted again -:( ).

It sounds like SuSE 7.3 has the same bug that Red Hat
Linux 7.2 errata kernels 2.4.9-{6,7,12,13} had.  The aacraid
driver had a bug dealing with memory above 1GB which could
cause this.  You might see if SUSE have a newer errata kernel
based on a 2.4.18ish kernel, and if so try that.

> Due to these problems we are now strongly considering moving
> to RedHat Linux to acquire an installation as it would have
> been delivered from DELL had we ordered it with RedHat Linux
> pre-installed.

Included in your "goodie box" with the server was a CD, the Dell
Server Assistant 7.0.  That's our reinstallation CD, and it
knows all about the PE2550 and installing Red Hat Linux 7.2
on it, in a way that is remarkably similar to what our factory
process does (only better because it doesn't have some of the
limitations that our factory does).  I recommend you use that
with a set of 7.2 Retail CDs.  Simply boot to it, select the OS
you want installed, fill out the interview screen, and follow the
prompts from there.  It'll then do a kickstart-based automated

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