Dell 8450 RedHat Linux 7.1 and a PowerVault 120T

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I have over 60 gig in one share.  According to what I read, Amanda does not
handle large partitions to many tapes.  Has this been fixed?

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	I highly recomend amanda.  I was answering a question on another
list so I'll just copy-n-paste:


     It works.  It supports most (all) unix like systems.  It supports 
tape libraries.  It has a mailing list with the highest signal to noise 
ratio I has seen.  It's on your RH and Mandrake CDs and xBSD ports.  It 
uses a server/client architecture so it can backup multiple clients 
concurently.  It will do MS clients via samba.

I use it with a 30 slot 2 drive DLT library to back up my entire server 
farm.  It takes a little tweeking to setup, but is well worth the 
several hours it will take.  I don't know how I ever lived without a 
tape library.   mtx controls the robot arm, chg-zd-mtx is the amanda part.

Daniel Beaudoin wrote:
> Hi;
> 	I have a PowerEdge 8450 running Redhat Linux 7.1 with a PowerVault
> 120T LVD external tape drive.
> 	When I use tar or dump while the tape drive is in sequential mode,
> the end of tape is reached but it does not automatically change the tape
> my backup fails.  Does anyone have an expect script that would do this?
> Thanks

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